When a retired Swedish surgeon wanted to donate his prized Duane Pasco carved totem to Swedish Medical Center, the Swedish art committee called Allison & Ross. Measuring 12 feet tall and over 14 feet long, and installed nearly 15 feet above the ground, this totem posed a challenge. However, Allison & Ross Technical Lead Dave Proscia worked out a plan to safely remove the totem and its wings using a scissor lift, two bucket lifts, and a crew of trained art installers. After de-installing the totem, installers brought it back to Allison & Ross where art conservators recommended treatment for insect damage and cosmetic repair. After the conservation was complete, Allison & Ross coordinated secure long-term storage for the piece until its new home can be found at one of Swedish Medical Center’s seven campuses.

Technical lead Dave Proscia brings his background in theater lighting and set design to his work as an art handler at Allison & Ross. He has experience in all aspects of art installation and transportation, including crating and shipping, rigging and overheight work, and sculpture maintenance. Dave also has experience in designing and building display solutions for art in a variety of mediums. “One of my favorite parts of being an art handler,” Dave notes, “is bringing the qualities inherent in a piece of art together with those of a great display solution, so the enjoyment can be fully realized.” Dave is currently working on opening a non-profit art performance space in Georgetown dedicated to providing affordable rehearsal space for artistic collaboration and experimentation.