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Allison & Ross was enlisted to provide conservation and restoration for this oil on canvas painting by renowned American Impressionist artist Edgar Alwin Payne. The painting, c. 1922-24, had been in the client’s family’s collection for decades when the client entrusted lead paintings conservator Eric Eschenbach with its restoration. Eschenbach cleaned the painting surface, which was quite dirty, as well as repaired a small dent and removed a nail that was protruding from the surface of the canvas. When the restoration was complete, Allison & Ross re-framed the painting in an updated, modern profile.

Modern profile framing for Edgar Payne oil on canvas

Paintings conservator Eric Eschenbach has been practicing art restoration for Allison & Ross in Seattle for over 15 years. He is an artist who applies his skills of color matching and painting, as well as his knowledge of art history and traditional painting techniques, to painting restoration. When restoring a painting, the utmost care is taken to maintain the artist’s intent and all procedures are done to the strictest of conservation standards.