We specialize in the restoration of paintings on canvas and panel. We are also knowledgeable in antique frame restoration. Our restoration services include surface cleaning, varnish removal, patching and tear repair, paint consolidation, relining, retouching, casting, carving, and regilding.

We also offer consultation services for restoration and conservation of works on paper, public artworks, sculptures, and murals.

Selected restoration treatments

Use the sliders below to view before and after comparisons of some of our past restoration projects.

The painting was cleaned and relined; areas of missing paint were filled and retouched.
Oil on canvas, 26 x 20 in, private collection.
This piece was previously overcleaned and required retouching and removing discolored varnish. We also stabilized and filled areas of flaking and missing paint.
Oil on canvas (and detail), 29 x 37 in, private collection.
For this project we removed discolored varnish, retouched areas of loss, and revarnished the painting.
Oil on canvas, 21 x 16 in, private collection.
Paintings conservator Eric Eschenbach has been practicing art restoration for Allison & Ross in Seattle for over 15 years. He is an artist who applies his skills of color matching and painting, as well as his knowledge of art history and traditional painting techniques, to painting restoration. When restoring a painting, the utmost care is taken to maintain the artist’s intent and all procedures are done to the strictest of conservation standards.