Our mission

At Allison & Ross, we have been engineering innovative solutions for the preservation, management, and display of fine art for over 40 years. Our mission is to provide every service you need to protect and enjoy your art for years to come.

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Our staff

David Allison


David Allison is an artist and co-founder of Allison & Ross Fine Art Services. Before moving to Seattle in 1969, he was employed at the Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago) as an exhibit designer and preparator. During this time, David also apprenticed with conservator Endre Vitez.

When David moved to Seattle, he set up both a studio and a custom framing and art restoration business. In 1995, David was joined by Carey Ross to found Allison & Ross Fine Art Services. This partnership allowed the business to expand, and several employees who are also practicing artists joined Allison & Ross. The staff now includes departments for archival framing, custom milling and fine hardwood finishes, gilding, art installation, collections management, appraisals, and painting conservation and restoration.

David’s website is www.davidallisonart.com.

Carey Ross


Carey Ross has a background in both architectural and interior design. Prior to Allison & Ross Fine Art Services, she worked for the architectural firm of Don Wald and Associates in Monterey, California and as an interior design assistant for Jan Gardner Interior Design in Carmel, California. After relocating to the Pacific Northwest, she joined the architectural firm of Easters and Kittle.

In 1995, Carey Ross joined David Allison in establishing Allison & Ross Fine Art Services. Carey and David are committed to a high level of personal service, making sure clients’ aesthetic visions are realized and artwork is cared for with the most up to date conservation materials and methodologies.

Carey also oversees collections management for both private and nonprofit clientele. She is a member of ArtTable, a national organization of professional women in the arts.

Susan Martin

Production Manager

Susan Martin oversees all aspects of frame production at Allison & Ross, ensuring that best practices in art preservation and display are upheld in the woodshop, gilding, and fitting departments.

Susan has nearly a decade of experience in frame design and production at galleries and picture frame shops across Seattle. She holds a degree in Linguistics from Western Washington University and a certificate in Museum Studies from UW. Susan’s abiding interest in artwork preservation and handling means she keeps Allison & Ross up to date on the latest conservation practices in regards to mounting and materials.

Susan also maintains an art practice focusing on letterpress, relief printing, typography, and graphic design.

Dillon Bennett

Account Manager

Dillon has a diverse background in the framing and art handling industry, gathered over the last 6 years. After studying Fine Art and Graphic Design at the University of Wyoming, he moved to Seattle and began working in frame design and production. His experience has since expanded to include mounting, fitting, frame construction and finishing, and installation. The wide range of experience he brings to Allison & Ross provide clients with a confident and knowledgeable perspective, regardless of the scope of a project.

Dillon is also a practising artist, with a focus on letterpress, wood engraving, and printmaking.

Stephanie Schmid

Project Manager

Stephanie’s background in account management, project management and as an art preparator for fine art handling companies, museums, and galleries gives her a uniquely comprehensive background for working with collectors, non-profits, and corporate accounts.

Stephanie holds a BFA in Photography from Arizona State University. Educated in contemporary and traditional fine art practices, she is committed to supporting and contributing to the arts professionally and personally.

Stephanie’s website is www.stephaniepassantino.com.

Mark Mueller

Gilder and Fine Finisher

As a gilder and finisher, Mark works to protect and enhance the artwork that is brought into Allison & Ross. From designing samples to putting the finishing tones and protective layers on a completed project, his hope is that our work can best complement and serve the artwork at hand.

Mark notes, “The focus on craftsmanship informs my work both in the gilding studio and in my art studio. I am pleased to be a working and exhibiting artist here in the Northwest for over the last 25 years.”

Matt Nims

Fitting Department Manager

Matt Nims has worked in fine art framing and fitting for over 30 years. He started working with high value art at Drummond Framing in New York City. After returning to Seattle in 1990, Matt worked at Plasteel Frames and Artech.

Matt specializes in fitting, and along the way he has acquired skills in art hinging, matting and mounting, frame joining, and glazing. Matt is also a longtime music producer and musician, regularly performing in Seattle with his bands Lushy and Gigantor.

Eric Eschenbach

Paintings Conservator

Eric Eschenbach has been practicing art restoration for Allison & Ross in Seattle for over 15 years. He is an artist who applies his skills of color matching and painting, as well as his knowledge of art history and traditional painting techniques, to painting restoration. When restoring a painting, the utmost care is taken to maintain the artist’s intent and all procedures are done to the strictest of conservation standards.

Eric’s website is www.ericeschenbach.com.

Dan Bernunzio

Woodshop Manager

Dan spent two decades in the house painting and home care field in Seattle before finding his calling as an upscale hardwood frame builder. His expertise and attention to detail from those years has transferred handily to the methodical technique and care required for the frames Allison & Ross produces. Dan has always been an artistic image creator, experimenting in multiple modes, such as painting, photography, digital photo editing, and digital 3D. Other life activities include creating music with electric guitar and bass, cooking, backyard astronomy, and strolling among the trees and views of Seattle City Parks.

Dan’s website is www.danielbernunzio.com.