Conservation and framing of works on paper

Allison & Ross is known for its fine hardwood and gilded frames, many of which we mill, finish, and gild in-house. We have worked with private collectors for over forty years, delivering the highest quality picture frames designed to protect and display each artwork beautifully and securely.

When this private client approached Allison & Ross for the framing of his collection of artworks on paper, we first consulted with our paper conservator. Together, we made sure each artwork received the preservation it needed—including removing old mounts, flattening creases, and completing paper conservation treatments—prior to framing. We then re-mounted all of the artworks to the highest quality archival standards.

For framing the collection, we offered the client a range of frame profiles carefully selected to compliment each artwork. From a custom carved Italian frame with 23K gilding to blackened walnut hardwood frames, the resulting frame collection reflects the eclectic quality of the client’s collection, which includes artworks by Chuck Close, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso.

Allison & Ross designers worked closely with the client and his interior designer to ensure the framing would integrate with the aesthetic of his newly remodeled home. At the same time, we worked to keep the framing prominent enough to hold up to the prestige of each individual artwork.

Framing for Chuck Close print by Allison and Ross

Custom carved Italian reverse cassetta frame, 23k gilded rail and edge. Woodcut print by Chuck Close.

Framing for Andy Warhol print by Allison and Ross

Hand-finished blackened walnut hardwood frame. Artwork by Andy Warhol.

Framing for paper pulp portrait by Chuck close - Allison and Ross

Paper pulp portrait by Chuck Close with a Van Dyke black hand-finished Italian reverse Baroque frame and archival float mount.