Pateros reflector mural restoration

Dick Elliot's 'Reflections on the Columbia'

Pateros, WA

Pateros reflector mural restoration, Dick Elliot

Allison & Ross was contacted by VeriClaim, Inc. in 2015 in regards to the restoration of a mural that had been destroyed in the wildfires of central Washington. Richard Elliott was the artist, now deceased. Elliott was known for creating his murals with reflectors, in this case over 17,000 of them. In 1981, Elliott installed this mural, “Reflections on the Columbia,” on two water towers high above the city of Pateros on a steep hillside.

In 2014, wildfires completely destroyed this mural, leaving only scorched dots on the sides of the towers. Allison & Ross consulted multiple sources, including the artist’s widow, Sound Transit, and SeaTac Airport (each of whom own at least one artwork by Richard Elliott), to recreate the mural from historic photographs using the same techniques originally employed by Elliott. The mural was digitally reconstructed and approved by the City of Pateros, the artist’s widow, VeriClaim, and FEMA, and then reinstalled over a two-week period in the summer of 2016.

The project was rededicated by the city 2 years to the date of the wildfires, and received the 2016 Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council Community Impact Award.