Dimensional artwork display solutions

At Allison & Ross, we love the challenge that comes with designing display solutions for clients with nonconventional artworks. For this private collector, we were presented with two artworks that, because of the nature of the works and the requirements of the client, required highly custom display solutions.

In one case, the client wanted to be able to interact with the art object and change its display at will. Our skilled mountmakers designed a display solution that was both secure and allowed a user to interact with and change the display.

Completed totem installation by Allison and Ross

Custom totem mount

The hand-carved totem pole was a prized family memento for the client, who commissioned the piece to represent individual members of his family. As such, he wanted to be able to remove the totem pole from its mount quickly and easily so as to hold it and show it to family members on occasion. Allison & Ross mountmakers designed an elegant display solution which attaches to the wall at the base of the totem, and includes a release clasp at the top where the client can unlatch the totem and remove it from its mount. The installed piece is both secure and interactive.

Completed totem mount detail by Allison and Ross

Dubuffet scroll framing and specialized installation

The second mountmaking assignment was a scroll by the French painter Jean Dubuffet. This piece presented multiple installation challenges: it required a custom mount to support the scroll, and it was to be installed over a fireplace on a stone masonry wall. After consulting with our paper conservator and mountmaker, we crafted a mount that discreetly supports the scroll, encasing it in a blackened walnut frame with museum Plexiglas glazing to protect the art.

Dubuffet scroll mount and frame design by Allison and Ross

For installation of the framed piece, we employed an Arakawa hardware system that uses cables installed in the ceiling to attach to the back of the art.

Arakawa hardware system used in project

The final product is an elegant statement piece that is perfectly proportional to the stone masonry wall and appears to be floating above the fireplace mantel.

Completed display solution for Dubuffet scroll by Allison and Ross