Mount and casework design and installation

Celebrated Seattle sculptor and glass artist Nancy Mee worked in collaboration with Allison & Ross as we restored and designed a new mount for her sculpture Edacsac II (1983). Allison & Ross worked closely with Kathleen Moles, Art Program Manager at Swedish Medical Center Foundation, to design a permanent display solution for the sculpture at the new Ambulatory Care Center at Swedish Edmonds Hospital.

When a private donor gifted Swedish Hospitals with the 7-foot-tall Edacsac II glass and steel sculpture, it was in poor condition. Covered in cobwebs and heavily tarnished, the piece was mounted to a wooden backing that was warped and deteriorating. Working in tandem with the artist, Allison & Ross conservators cleaned the sculpture to conservation standards, ultimately re-mounting it on a new painted panel.

Before and after sculpture revitalization by Allison and Ross

Before and after sculpture restoration and remounting.

Because the piece was intended for installation in a public setting, Allison & Ross designed a display solution that would protect the art but also be minimally invasive. We designed a wall-mounted panel that matched the wall color at Swedish Edmonds so that Edacsac II would appear to be floating, and encased it in a custom acrylic vitrine for protection.

It is indeed stunning—you and your crew did a magnificent job all the way around! Nancy Mee

The completed display.

The completed display.

Weighing over 200 pounds, delivery and installation of Edacsac II was no small feat. Our team of skilled installers safely transported the piece to Swedish Edmonds, and working with Ms. Moles, we secured an installation location that would showcase the piece to its highest degree. The final product is a secure, elegant, and timeless display solution that brought new life to Edacsac II, one of Nancy Mee’s earliest glass sculptures.