Our services

We provide a comprehensive line of services for the display, transportation, and protection of fine art, including art installation, collections management, and art acquisitions.

Framing & Display

Our woodshop offers custom milling and hand carving, both classic hardwood profiles and period picture frames, hand-finished or gilded in our studio. We design custom display solutions for sculptures and artifacts, including mounts, pedestals, and cases.

Art Handling & Installation

Our installers are experienced in the most technical and complex aspects of the profession. We have been providing expert art- and site-appropriate installation to Northwest collectors for over 40 years.

Art Restoration

We offer conservation and restoration of paintings on canvas or panel in-house, and partner with experts in conservation of works on paper, sculptures, and photographs.

Collections Management

We provide consulting and management services to private collectors and to healthcare and other large multi-site corporate collectors.

Our team is experienced in project management, curatorial, and acquisition services and in all aspects of art care and handling.